Retro Power Lining

Last week I had an enjoyable couple of days on a course up at Wentworth Park near Barnsley. The idea was to learn all about the wonders and advances of Mercedes-Benz trucks compared to it competitors and even from where I’m standing it’s hard to see why you wouldn’t run MB on your fleet in some capacity. Everyone knows and thinks it’s funny I’m such a Scania fan but I work for Mercedes-Benz, but as my regular readers will know back in the days of running my own trucks Mercedes were the only choice for me. I’ve ways maintained that if I was ever to start again I would have an all MB fleet but have some old Scania or two for the show circuit. The only thing that has changed since my time at Orwell Trucks Mercedes-Benz is that I think if probably have to have an old SK or Powerliner for the show season too.
So imagine my delight when parked close to the entrance of my training course was this delightfully restored 1834LS. The vehicle has been restored by MB and is to be kept and used at various shows, in fact some of you would have seen it at the Retro Truck Show at Gaydon last year.

The vehicle was originally sold by Rygor Commercials to a company called Premier Waste. It must have then been returned after contract hire to Mercedes-Benz where it was once again purchased by Rygor Commercials (this was likely to be a paperwork exercise and the vehicle would have stayed at Rygors). In 2003 Rygor loaned the vehicle to SDC, a division of Honda at Swindon, where it was used as a shunter. Then in 2009 it was bought again by MB Approved Used Commercials. Since then the truck has been restored and repainted using genuine parts where possible. I think she’s lovely although I’m sorry to say we didn’t have time for a lesson in driving an EPS gearbox correctly….one day. I have found a nice LHD 1953 for sale in Holland, tempting. The truck spec is listed as follows;

– 1st registered 6 November 1995 (N reg)
– Engine V6 Turbo 340hp
– 8 Speed Split EPS Gearbox
– L Sleeper cab
– ABS brakes
– Drivers electric window
– Electric rear view mirror
– Luxury suspension seat for the driver
– Sunvisor
– 400 Litre fuel tank

What a little gem. I’m back at Wentworth Park in a few weeks so I hope to achieve the EPS training, if your reading Nick Smith?!? Any way this not the only retro truck, there were also two original Long Distance cabbed Mercedes-Benz Actros. Both trucks have genuine mileages of only a few hundred thousand Kilometres on the clock and are in great condition although I had forgotten how garishly awful the original seat covers and door cards were. Any way lots to see on this course so I hope the next one is just as enjoyable.


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