Mystery MAN


Spotted today at Chievely Services on the M4 by @StevieBloke on Twitter. Being the driver of an MAN TGL for vehicle transporters Bestlog and also knowing I’m just a bit of a TGL fan Mr Bloke thought it’d be a good idea to share his find. Great idea! What do we know about this specialist little motor? It’s an LX cabbed TGL, not sure if it’s a sleeper or a crew cab. The chassis has stainless steel lockers mounted down the sides. The body looks to be a pretty tall sliding canvas body with drop sides. Between the body and the cab are a pair of stabiliser legs for a small Hiab crane and too finish it off it was towing a tri axle flat trailer. It must be used for installations of some sort but I’ve no idea what. Over to you lot, who knows who’s it is or what it gets up too?? Leave a comment or send me an email;

If you see some thing a bit different or something you don’t know about then send me an email and we can all play truck detectives.

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