Big Rig Videos

The wife often asks why I spend ages just looking at trucks. “What is it your actually looking at?” she asks. “No idea” I reply, “Its just, its just…….”, I can never put it into words, so instead of words, watch the above video and I think it just sums up what I’m looking at. Just watch it and tell me your not impressed with this gorgeous truck rolling along, quietly on its mission to its next job.

This video is filmed by Big Rig Videos in the US of A, the man behind the camera is Christopher E. Fiffie an ex US truck driver who’s goal is “to make entertaining and educational videos about the professional drivers and the equipment they run across America” to quote the website. The premise behind the videos is a CB interview, asking the drivers about their trucks, what the specs are and what they get up too. The 2003 Kenworth W900 above is a great video. The big K Whopper is a real stunner and for us Brits the voice over the CB is typical US Convoy-esque type voice, that tells you all about the truck and his families own truck accessories company, Life Time Nut Covers.

I can’t tell you enough how good the Big Rig Videos website or YouTube Channel is. Just watching these big rigs rolling along makes me smile. There is still very much something about American trucks that keeps me wishing I had taken the plunge when I was younger and taken the job I was offered with a small operator in Oklahoma. Any way I digress, you have to visit and get watching these videos, there are 60 odd to get through and there is a bank holiday upon us.

Also for all of us in Europe there is a wicked CB interview with JJ Verweij and family from the Netherlands, while on their tour of the US and Canada in their Scania and caravan trailer

For Big Rig Videos website, click HERE
For Big Rig Videos Youtube site, click HERE

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