SCOOP!! ‘ello John, Got a new motor?!

John M Phillips _ Mercedes Actros 2563!!!!

We all know the name of John M Phillips. Most of us remember the 2 stunning yellow Scania 143 custom trucks he ran through the 1990’s, 1 of which is being restored in Ireland back to its former Centurion glory, read about it HERE. How can we forget the Royal Centurion, really I don’t think we can. If you have forgotten or have no idea what I’m talking about, please click HERE. In recent years the trucks have been a little more subtle, until now. Well it’s still very subtle but once again its a really unique, head-turning, belter!! Spotted today by top North Walian truck spotter Shaun Broadbent. John Phillips was in to load at Shauns place in Holywell, North Wales today and I’m so pleased Shaun managed to get a quick photo. Hopefully next time he will be able to get a few more. John’s latest truck is a 6×2 Mercedes Benz Actros Gigaspace 2563. Yes that’s right folks a 2563!! A monster and must be one of the first if not the first 2563 standard tractor in the UK. Mr Broadbent managed to get the following spec detail which talking to Mr Phillips;

“630BHP 6×2 midlift. It went into the paint shop to have the door handles colour coded. John ended up having bespoke side-skirts made to Mercedes pattern as they’re only available off the shelf for a 4×2. A chassis infill panel was fitted. All painted in blue and white to match the cab. Then the whole cab was lacquered to enhance the paint finish. A slim-line illuminated headboard is fitted along with Kelsa bars and spotlights. Full leather seats with the Mercedes tristar embossed in the headrests. A full set of Alcoa alloy wheels with super singles on the front. Michelin tyres all around. Pulling 44ton most days on steel haulage for the same company  (Armstrong Steels now ASD OCS – TB) that he has pulled for for the past 20 plus years, the truck is returning over 9mpg with a 28t payload. – Fill your boots!”

Hopefully this won’t be the last time this gorgeous German beast is featured on the blog. Thanks to Shaun for the Scoop and thanks to John for creating another stunning truck.

5 thoughts on “SCOOP!! ‘ello John, Got a new motor?!

  1. Hi there

    Beautiful truck

    Do you know where John got the sideskirts made?

    Best regards from a fellow trucker in Iceland 😉


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