Wilson Wednesday


It’s been a while since I did a Wilson Wednesday which is probably why I didn’t get much response from the drivers from the finest international abnormal load specialist in the UK. This is a small window into the wonderful world of Wilsons.

Above we have arguably Wilsons best looking driver, Geoff Tarbun. Loaded with a storage tank from Germany to Herefordshire. The delightful DAF “Daisy” (WIL2219) is the identical twin to “Doris” (WIL2218) they are the only 2 ladies on the HCW fleet.


This is N8 HCW or European Spirit. Driven by Nick Garlick on a bit of UK work. A pair of picture perfect CAT excavators from Southampton to Leeds. N8 is one of a pair of new Scania Streamline R480 low height 6×2 tractors.
Below is a Wilson classic that really does need a good polish, that said N200HCW is still going strong and is in regular use on all duties local and international. This photo sent by James Cartwright parked next to N50HCW. Just a little shunt of JCB’s from Wilsons base in Elmswell, Suffolk down to Harwich, Essex.



Finally we have driver Matt Lamb and European Dream (WIL2217). A pair or Army tanks on exercise loaded in the UK and delivered to Mailly Le Camp, France. Matts R620 Scania certainly looks the part with the 4 axle Broshuis trailer and load.
Hopefully Wilson Wednesday will become a little more regular again, thanks to those who contributed.


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