Rigbys Easter Surprise


Owner driver Tim Rigby from Somerset was a well know truck on the road a couple of years ago and will soon be again judging by his latest good looking wagon. This Scania R620 6×2 twin wheel tag came originally from Finland but is now at a well loved home in the heart of Cider country. To keep the tradition running the truck came back to the UK via VSB Groep in Holland for a few small touches, then it was a long and tedious 6 month wait for VOSA and the DVLA to get the trucks documentation in order.

This first trip in a couple of years for Mr Rigby should be good one as he has a full load of machinery up-to to Sweden, back to the trucks native home land! I’m not sure which way he is shipping but I think this V8 will be become a popular one with all the spotters and photographers down in Dover, so keep your eyes peeled.


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