Christmas is Coming….


To some of you the truck may have already been. These days there is a real Coca Cola truck (or 2) that cris crosses your country to bring the kiddies plenty of Christmas cheer and happiness. As it goes I think it’s quite cool. A few years ago here in the Colchester we had the rather amazing Coles & Sons bonnetted Scania come to our local supermarch√© as Coles trucks were wrapped an used as the Christmas trucks for the first year, but this year and last year Coca Cola have a cheaper version of a Tcab, with a funny shirt wheel base and a non-factory built Topline cab. For the spotters amongst you I’m sure you’ve notice these things already! This is the Coles truck from 2 years ago;


It seems the rest of the world have there own Christmas trucks too. New found blogger Chris Mutch, came across the Romanian version last week. Non European truck in Romania, just fully grown American Freightliner. You have to agree it does look well and I think it actually looks better than our own current truck, no I’m not posting a pic of the current UK truck as I think it’s a bit if a cheap cop out, but I’m sure the kids don’t care. Anyway thanks again Mr Mutch for a couple of decent photos that are well worth being on the blog.


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