New Scania T560


Yes she is an awesome looking beastie. Quite a lot of you would have seen it about perhaps on websites for sale or at some shows this year. Scanlast from Sweden have created a rather eye-wateringly good brand new Tcab Scania. Yes it really is new and the current sale price will reflect that, although when I asked Scanlasts Leif Loden he wouldn’t give me a price but he did hint that it wouldn’t be as much as the €200,000+ that it cost to build. The chassis and engine is brand new from the factory and the cab and bonnet are added to it, to make a new truck. When will Scania realise that they should still make a bonneted truck?!



If you want a show truck then you better book a ticket to Sweden as this is a one off with one hell of a top spec. Have a look at the brief list below;

Scania T560 LA6x2HNB

Model year: 2012

First registration: –

Wheelbase: 4300 mm

Suspension: Air-Air

Gearbox: GRS905R Manuel

Fuel tank: 700 litres

Adjustable 5th wheel

8 x Alcoa Durabright

Cabin upholstery from InTruck, Denmark



If I had the money I don’t think I’d find much better at the moment, after all looking at the general truck fashions at Truckstar Festival this year, it seems that Highline Scania trucks are the way forward. You have to admit that the Highline really suits a 6×2 Torpedo. Your man Leif at Scanlast said he was a little frustrated that he hadn’t sold it yet but I bet secretly he is quite happy with it sitting at his garage for now! Anyway I best get off and check to see if I won last nights £80,000,000 EuroMillions jackpot!! Keep an eye out for next years Longline project from Scanlast too.


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