Stop the Pigeon, Stop the Pigeon (Transporter!)

AV52 KGU - Mercedes Atego (80)

I WANT TO FIND MY ATEGO!!! I know she’s still out there but she seems to be the new Lord Lucan, she’s out there but I just can’t catch up with her! You’d think that if she is still in a half decent condition she’d be easy to spot especially in her new guise, reportedly now a pigeon carrier. How do I know? well 2 top spotters say they have seen her carrying the racing birds. The bizarre thing is that trying to find pigeon carrying companies is proving to be a little tricky. You’d think their would be facebook pages, websites and everything but it doesn’t appear so. There must be plenty of people who have seen the Atego out and about carrying our feathered friends to the start line.

Colltex Atego

The last photo of her was this one parked in a High Street doing charity work for Colltex. This was way back in 2009 so I hope she is still in good order. I guess that as she is carrying pigeons she will have had a tidy up and perhaps be a bit shiny again. What I need you lot to do is clap eyes on her and send me any pics you can get out and about, or if your that way inclined and your involved in pigeon racing circles can you tell me who now owns her. I think there are only a few firms pulling the birds, so surely it shouldn’t be too difficult to track her down. I reckon it might now be on a private plate as the DVLA vehicle search doesn’t bring up any details.

AV52 KGU - Mercedes Atego (78a)

If you spot the Atego and its safe, please take and send me a photo
If your into pigeons please tell me who owns the Atego now.

All help of course will be much appreciated and it gives you some thing to do while your driving about next week!

Before you truck off, why not leave a comment....

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