Half Size Scania??


I saw this photo on the interbookfaceweb and had to do a double take! Looks like a half size Scania to me from South America. Someone out there knows more or perhaps you know the man in the photo?? We need to find out more, does it work? Is it built from scratch or on a small chassis of some sort? It looks awesome and just proves that Scania could make a mini artic!! All info can be emailed or left as a comment below, over to you…….

4 thoughts on “Half Size Scania??

  1. Hello ,I saw this truck a few years ago in Buenos Aires , Argentina.The truck belongs to Expreso Escobar and is a self made scania 113 based on a a daihatsu mini van chassis. At first time was a 112H ( an orange livery)and later was painted to 113. This was the truck at that time.


  2. hola , el camion pertenece a expreso escobar de argentina,el camion esta hecho en escala ,a modo real,algunos datos …lo fabrico ENRIQUE ESCOBAR,tiene un motor indenor xd3 turbo,es totalmente en chapa,llantas de 10 agujeros,funciona perfecto y estamos llendo a los encuentros de camiones de argentina,en breve estamos organizando ir a uruguay y brasil en un viaje para que se vea,y se conosca el trabajo de ENRIQUE,les dejo mis datos para que pregunten lo que necesiten


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