SCOOP!! Middle East Legend on Charity Run


As we all read in the June edition of Truck & Driver magazine, Irishman Eoin McGinnity is now the proud and lucky owner of an ex Astran legend. Eoin stated that he’d love to do a Humanitarian run with the “King of The Desert”, so I’m guessing that some one read his plea and made contact. I can reveal that right this minute the old V8 is parked up in Poland heading for the Belarusian border tomorrow and the hopefully onto a small town between Brest and Minsk in Belarus ready for unloading on Friday.



The 143 is part of a small convoy of Irish trucks including a real little beauty you can see in the photo above. Billy Kiely and his aging Scania 82M. Also in the convoy is a brand new Scania R560 loaned especially for the trip by Westward Scania and Tim Culloty’s Scania 164… the Irish do like a Scania then??!! Eoin claims his truck is loaded heavier than the rest, so they have a chance of keeping up with him! Below are the trucks parked up in Port 2000 in Poland, where they are parked this evening.
Hopefully more photos to come.


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