Ultimate Customised Ger-MAN!

Florian (13)

Ages ago I found a photo of this little MAN and I just had to find out more. Its taken 2-3 years of searching without much luck, except repeatedly finding the same photo! Then on March 29th came a message on the TB Facebook page, from none other than Florian Zeltwanger…….yes the driver of said Custom MAN TGL LX of course.

Florian (5)

Florian (2)

Considering its 6.5 years old and has over 650,000km on the clock it is still in great shape. After a few messages this is what Herr Zeltwanger had to say about the MAN in his life:

“Beuchtung Lichtleisten und Innenausbau hab ich alles Selber gemacht. Der Rammbügel ist noch vom Vorgängerauto ein Atego und der Dachbügel von Jumbo-Fischer. Das Steinschlagschtzgitter hab ich selber gebaut. Im Innenraum ist alles selber Lackiert und bezogen, nur die Sitzbezüge und das Lenkrad hat ein bekannter von mir mit Leder bezogen. Das Airbrush machte ein Lackierer aus unserer nachbarschaft. gruß”

Florian (3)

And if your like me and your English is still far better than your German then this is the straight up translation:

“I did everything myself Beuchtung Strip lights and interior design. The front bar is an Atego and the roof Temple of Jumbo-Fischer from the previous car. I myself built the Steinschlagschtzgitter (Stone guard?). Inside, everything is itself painted and covered, only a well known by me with leather has taken the seat covers and the steering wheel. A student from our neighborhood made the Airbrush.”

Florian (7)

Florian (6)

Like it or loath it, you have to agree the customisation is pretty awesome. The interior is great, all colour coded, although the green paintwork isn’t my colour but still the whole job is einfach toll! Is there another TGL like it any where else?? I did see an all red inside and out TGL LX tilt which I think was from Czech Republic. If you have seen it or you’ve seen Herr Zeltwangers wunderbare Deutsche deichsel any where then please email me photos, i’d love to see them. Vielen Dank to Florian and I hope you will show me more photos of your little truck. All photos are HERE.

Email me: ben@truckblog.co.uk

Florian (4)

Florian (10)

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