Now or Then??

Scania 143 + Tilt

What a cracking sight! If you were between Harwich and Halstead in Essex today there is just a chance you saw this classic combination on the road. N.C. Cammack & Son are a long standing family outfit based in Essex and have run all sorts of classic motors, including a load of old DAF’s that I will be showing you as and when I finally get the scanning finished. Any hoo this looks like it was taken back in 1993 when this truck would have been new, but it was actually taken today leaving Harwich docks. Sorry to say it wasn’t working, but Jim Cammack had to pick up the tilt that he bought over on the mainland. The delightful 450hp Swedish powerhouse is a recent addition to the fleet and has spent a fair amount of time in the restoration shed. The tilt has been bought to accompany a number of other restoration projects that are bubbling under in the Cammack workshops. Now luckily for me I’m popping over to see Jim tomorrow so hopefully I will have a few more pics to share with you……This isn’t going to help my cause as I’m still missing my 141, all this talk of trailers and classic motors. Perhaps as this combination will be based no more than 7 miles from Truckblog HQ, I may just get to see it a bit more and perhaps even a lget ittle bit of a drive one day?! Tell me honestly, if it wasn’t for the photos being quite so clear, you could have easily thought they were taken back in the day! Destination anywhere………

Scania 143 + Tilt

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