New Volvo Comes with Optional Tight Rope & Walker!

It seems that Volvo have thought of every thing with there new truck range….you can even spec a rope connecting to another truck and also a stunt woman! Not to sure what its all in aid of other than the release publicity for the launch, but still its quite impressive. Truck and woman that is!

The press release from Volvo says the following;

“The driving force behind the film is Volvo Trucks. The aim is to highlight the driveability and superior handling of the company’s latest truck model – the new Volvo FH. The stunt was possible to carry out due to the excellent stability and handling of the new Volvo FH. It was thanks to this stability that both trucks could maintain a steady gap throughout the stunt.

“It’s not enough simply to say that we are good. We wanted to demonstrate just how much progress we’ve made in the area of both driveability and handling,” says Ulf Nordqvist, project manager for the new Volvo FH series.”

The world premiere and official launch of the Volvo FH Series will be held on September 5th at 8pm GMT and the launch event will be webcast live at

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