ACH – Photo Update


For those who aren’t aware I have a big affection for old Buckinghamshire family firm Aston Clinton Haulage. Why? My dad worked there back in the early 1970’s before I was born and so far I have only found 13 photos of his in my 33 years on the planet, so with the age on the tinternet I am now cashing in and have even set up an ACH Facebook Page for like minded fans. I think because I have so little of ACH from my old man that I want more and more. It turns out there are a few ex drivers following the FB Page and one man in particular, Dave Mortimer has kindly sent me 80 odd photos from his 30 year driving career with the Beige and Black from Aylesbury. I have to say some of Dave’s photos are just brilliant. Now I think I love ACH that little bit more! I have scanned all the photos and put them on the flickr page, so click HERE to see the set.



Along with the photos Mr Mortimer enlightened me with the following information;

“ACH was started in the 1960’s by Mr Les Fowler. The name came from an old Coal delivery company. It was bought for the A and B licenses. They never actually had a yard in Aston Clinton, the first yard was at Winslow, Buckinghamshire then they moved to a yard in Stone near Aylesbury about 1970. ACH ran a fleet of about 20 trucks. The fleet was increased when they bought out Howe European from Enfield. This was to gain extra European permits to do extra European work. Some of Howe’s trucks came with drivers such as Johnny Whitbread and Dave Coope. But most left again when Des Lacey (ex Howe European) started up Hercock London.”


“ACH started doing European in 1973 and I (Dave Mortimer) started with ACH in January 1974. My first year was UK work, then my first trip abroad was to Fiat in Torino, July 1975. Reloaded washing machines back to High Wycombe. I didn’t start doing regular European trips until about 1977 and then the rest is history! Back then it was all the old roads as the motorways weren’t built. Such good routiers we used to eat at; Footballers, Bakehouse, Monkey House – I could go on for ever about the old times! I think the only firm still doing European from the old days is EM Rogers. All the rest have gone; ACH, Leggetts, Ferry Freighting, Roba, Dow European, Murfitts…the list just goes on.”


What an insight into one man’s career. I just love em! If you know any thing, any one, have any photos of ACH then please get in touch. You can email me at and I will look forward to hearing from you. Just think if ACH had kept going and my parents had stayed in my home town of Aylesbury, ACH would have been my closest haulage firm. Thanks to Dave Mortimer for the photos, he has said there could be more to come, we’ll see….


5 thoughts on “ACH – Photo Update

    • I think Dave Mortimer was referring to the other hauliers he used to run with. We all know there are now only a handful of top international hauliers in the UK and not just those pulling standard trailers.


  1. ach moved to stone in 1966 from park road south winslow i am sending some picts of early trucks foden guy invincible atckinson and big j guy plus albion dodge my regards to all old ach drivers bob hall

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