Classic Volvo Heading for The UK

Volvo F89

This lovely looking Volvo F89 was spotted this week, by HC Wilson driver Jon Pryke. Eagle-eyed Jon as they call him in Elmswell, spotted this classic Swede parked in Unaccompanied bays at DFDS, Vlaardingen ready to ship to Immingham….to its new owner?? By the way although it’s Wilson coloured I don’t think it’s anything to do with them!!

Volvo F89

Volvo F89

From these pics it looks to be in fairly good condition and well look after. The bodywork looks straight and the paint looks relatively shiny and the little pair of stacks, well…
Anyway does anyone know any thing about who’s it is? It is clearly heading to a new owner some where in the UK or Ireland. It’d be nice to know who the owner is so we can all keep an eye out for it with a new coat of paint! The lucky owner must know a bargain when they see one, judging by the price tag….

Volvo F89

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