F1 Trip with Lotus Renault – Part 2

As it’s the weekend I thought it would be good timing for Part 2 of Ian Harpers Monaco F1 experience. In Part 1 we left Ian back in the “Dust bowl” above Monaco where all the trucks park up. Enjoy Part2 and some more cracking photo’s;

Ian Harper F1 Monaco

The morning after and my phone rings morning can you bring the box down we will see you when you get down so I sets off into Monaco which is as bad and as slow as getting into London city at  8 in the morning. Just over an hour later I’m on the harbour behind the start finish line by the motor homes, this is one busy area all the GP teams trying to set up all at the same time and a lot of them with little sleep as they came straight from Barcelona the night before.

Ian Harper F1 Monaco

Monaco F1 2011

Box off I was trapped in with other trucks so a little wander about, I saw a couple of Procar lads I knew who work for Ferrari and they were shattered but getting on with the job of building the motor homes.

Monaco F1 2011

I’m out and away calls made but no backload the may be one near Milan “Ok I’ll head that way then”. Back on the motorway by Ventigmillia the overhead signs are saying 38 degrees and it was luckily the air con was making it more bearable. My phone rings out with a text message “ Go to Curno details to follow “ I had a good idea where I was loading….I was right I was loading in Brembo Brakes, 2 pallets of brakes for Bentley at Crewe. Pallets loaded CMR sorted I’m away up the Brennero not a lot of time left on the day so into the big truck stop at Sadobre by the Italian tolls. Away in the morning over the fernpass , into Germany and there was a huge queue of traffic around the airport at Stuttgart. 2 and a half hours later we move, there had been an accident, a Romanian truck hit a car and flipped it over .

I made it to Luxembourg the queue for fuel was massive so went and parked up for the night and will do it in the morning, shower stock up with coffee and a dvd  then bed early start. Fuelled up and away 6 hrs and I was back in the UK, I knew I wasn’t going to make it to Crewe so started the drive up and got as far as Derby cattle market.  Into Bentley Motors in Crewe security say to me “Oh you should have rang us to say you were coming” on asking why these were some new development ceramic brakes and had to go to the R&D building and they wanted to know when they would be here. 15 minutes later tipped CMR signed delivery notes signed and I was heading back for Manchester and home.

Another good trip with the little Renault Midlum.

Monaco F1 2011


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