Truckfest When???

Just skipping through some photos and I came across this one I took at Truckfest Peterborough in 19??…….I need you to fill in the year as I can’t for the life of me think when I took it!


…..What made me laugh (on the inside that is!) is that I took the following photo’s at this years Truckfest Peterborough 2012. C&J Hauton are obviously a company that like their Classic Swedes. Both Volvo and Scania have obviously been popular with Hauton’s for a while. Which is your favourite pairing?!! Leave a comment….

Truckfest Peterborough 2012

Truckfest Peterborough 2012

3 thoughts on “Truckfest When???

  1. think the first pic was round about 1991/2 , c.j.hautons is now run by 2 brothers mick and rob the streamline that is along side the sweet sixteen is also in the first picture too in the back ground …white with two tone blue strips “alltofs” they had the truck from new and sold it to hautons poss about 7yrs ago but not 100% sure on that one


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