Mini Artics For Sale

Mini Atego Artic

By now I should think I have converted you all to being mini artic lovers, with all the Activ Cars stuff I put on here and what you lot keep emailing me, I won’t be long before you see the appeal! Any way there is more new Activ Cars stuff to come, but in the mean time how about you get your own mini artic?

Mini Atego Artic

Mini Atego Artic

This Mercedes Benz Atego 824 was found on the German truck site, I was doing a bit of Google Street View in Bremen, whilst stalking a certain German mini artic operator. As their base is not on street view I thought i’d play Coloumbo. I looked on street view for the nearest Mercedes Truck dealer in case of any being serviced, but no luck, but what I did find nearby was a Truckstore site, so being the detective I searched for mini artic and this was the result. To start with I thought it was an ex Activ Cars truck, that was until I got my German phrase book out and realised the advert was for the tractor and trailer and the trailer isn’t Activ Cars spec. The outfit was up for sale for €25,000, but could only be bought as truck and trailer and not be split, the truck has done done 351,000 km and was first registerred in April 2007.

Mercedes-Benz Atego 1324 LS

 This 2nd example, was also found on truckstore and I think it is still for sale, here. This Atego 1324 was first registered in March 2010 and has only done 57,000 km but for €44,500 it isn’t particularly cheap! Then again if you can really afford to run one of these I think it’s fair to say you will be in some specialised job anyway.

Mercedes-Benz Atego 1324 LS

Please keep you long distance mini artic info coming in and i’ll try to put the best of it on here for all to enjoy, please comment below or email me; in the mean time, you asked for it………… there will be more Activ Cars mini artics coming in the next few days.

2 thoughts on “Mini Artics For Sale

  1. Don’t know if you can help? Looking into putting a lightweight articulated vehicle on the road. It sould have a gross weight of around 6.5tons with, if poss, a payload of about 3tons. Idealy, it would have a sleeper cab or, at the very least, a crew cab &
    be coupled to a box trailer of about 16 – 20ft (ish) in length.
    I would be greatful for any info you could give, along with any advise. I’ve held an HGV1 for many years but know little of this type of vehicle or, regs etc.


  2. hi. i use a mitsubishi canter to pull a 20ft lynton trailer as my camper.
    also have a vw lt 50 here that i use as well.
    you have lots choice .fo#rd transit .or iveco daily . merc sprinter. isuzu nqr,npr . lots out there.
    would put a pic but dont know how to. cheers alan


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