Manton European Freezer Freight Part 5

I didn’t think part 5 would be quite so quick in turning up!! After typing out the quick Part 4 the other evening, I opened my emails the following morning, who had emailed me?? Yep your right, the one and only Dave Manton. I think he was just taking a quick break from being in his loft for the last few weeks looking for photo’s!! This on the road photo was a regular stop on the route to Moscow. This is dieseling your truck up Belarus style.

Mantons en Route to Moscow

For a point can you tell me what type of Eastern European truck the fuel bowser is? I have no idea what so ever! Leave a comment or email me; and hopefully by the time you’ve worked out what it is, my friend and yours DM will have the next photo.

2 thoughts on “Manton European Freezer Freight Part 5

  1. Came across this blog by complete chance. That’s me in the photo on route to Moscow. Brings back some very happy memories.


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