Scots-MAN Invergordon

Its been a while since my friend and yours, Steve Marsh appeared on the blog. Like the rest of us, Marshy too has been a little quiet. Only doing quite alot of what he classes as locals, France, Benelux and Germany. Apparantly these destinations dont make the best photographs! Any way some where else Marshy doesn’t get to too often is the Tartan Territory. Since I’ve know Steve, I think I only rmember him going to Scotland once before. Unfortunately Steve picked that week where Scotland suffered a lot of flooding, back in August. Oh well you can’t have every thing!! Any way Steve has a lovely little 12 ton MAN, so a little wet weather even’s the Karma a bit!

Scots-MAN Invergordon

Having delivered a local to Dunkerque, a reload was needed. It turned out the reload involved meeting a Spanish 18 tonner in Calais and transhipping the cargo. Mr Marsh has apologised for not getting a photo! Having loaded it was straight up from Calais to Invergordon in Scotland, to make the delivery. The above pictures were taken on the banks of the Cromaty Firth, just south of Invergordon. For those of you who dont know that part of the world, most times you can see the coast you tend to see some sort of oil related marine vessels. As in this photo you can see Marshy artistically placed the oil rig in the background. Very artistic Steven, great wheel trims by the way!!

There is more to come from Marshy, including a fleet photograph in Lodz, Poland (not so local).

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