If you don’t know this phrase then you clearly haven’t been brushing up on your well know international fridge hauliers. If you say Davies in the world of international fridge operators most people tend to think of the black trucks from Cheltenham, Ralph Davies. For those of you who a little more, you will be aware that there is another Davies, Davies International, with smart white and blue trucks. The only real link seems to be Volvo dominated fleets.
the smart white and blue fleet started out in Southampton, but now have a very tidy warehouse in Fareham, Hampshire. I haven’t had any contact from or with them, but I can’t go any further on the blog without giving them a few minutes of the blog’s time!

Harwich 21/08/2011 (A)

Harwich 21/08/2011 (b)

While the blog was down and the wife was away, I took myself off to Harwich to watch the arrivals off the  Stena boat from the Hoek of Holland. Anyway before i had the chance to get myself ready for the unloading of said ship, who should appear from the A120 coming into the dock??……. Yep you guessed it, R88 GEL (driven by Chuckles???). Smart as ever, in she rolled, with the air of a true English gentleman of the road, the tidy nearly knew Volvo with a quick wave from the driver, who obligingly slowed down when he saw the camera in my hand. Obviously no stranger to having his picture taken. The following words are taken from Davies website;

“Every driver has the responsibility of upholding our reputation to our clients and in turn to their clients. Continual good reports regarding presentation, attitude and knowledgeable experience make them all a key figure within a company renowned for high standards.”

Looking at this vehicle as it rolled in and then at the clean shaven, uniformed driver, you can’t fault the company or its belief in its drivers to keep the company image at a peak. So many companies now dont seem to bother, with there image to much, or perhaps its the drivers themselves who let themselves down. When you see the likes of Davies drivers, if you were a client, you can’t help but feel your goods are being well looked after. I think corporate image is so so important. If you want to up get better rates for who ever you work for, i’m sure you cant go far wrong than start by smartening up your image, so your customers may just be inclined to pay you that little bit more. When I had all my trucks I always made sure they were clean and that I always had some uniform on, work trousers and a logo-ed polo shirt. People know you are serious and that, as i’ve already said, and I think I was quoted in Commercial Motor once, people would much rather have their stuff delivered in a clean and tidy well after truck, than a bent old rust bucket driver by the mound of the hound of the baskervilles!! Follow Davies example, just make that extra effort and take some pride in your company……………where’s the ladder?? i’m getting off the soapbox.

Davies International - Volvo FH

I think they may be one of the few companies I actually like to see on the road. I often see one in the evening on the A14 Port-Bound. Now you and me both know that I like any thing truck, but seeing this lot on the road, is always a pleasure. They are one of those who just keep their heads down and get on with it. There does’t seem to be much fuss and in-your-face-ness that some UK firms seem to thrive on. If there was a round table of UK Knights of the road, then Davies International would be on it. No i’m being paid to do this blog, we all like what we like don’t we? and judging by the 31 page thread on, I think there is some kind of a following from you lot. Its a great thread with a lot of ex and current drivers contributing. The only thing I think Davies website could do with is a Gallery page. Afterall no matter how keep-your-head-down-and-quietly-get-on-with-it you are, it’s always good to show everyone what your actually about, and looking at the drivers photos on trucknetuk they won’t be short of material.

Have you got some thing to add about Davies? please leave a comment below or if you have some photo’s either add them to the trucknetuk thread, Davies Int. Southampton. With photos, which reminds me I need to add my Harwich photo’s to it, or email them to me; along with any stories or additional anicdotes you may have.

Davies International - Volvo FH - 07.12.2010


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