Danish Scania’s Looking for New Homes

How annoying is Facebook?? You just cant nip onto it and do what you got to do or look at what you want to look at. You end up looking then, seeing some thing else, then that leads you to some where else and before you know it you aged 6 months!! So there I was this morning, nipping on to FB to check the amount of “Likes” I’ve got on the FB blog page, then 6 months later i realised i was looking at some Danish classic Scania’s that are up for sale. I think you’ll find that my saying of Old Scania’s never die they just get better, has just been proven (with exception for the rusty one!),

Danish 141 for sale

This lovely 141 is first up, looks like it in fairly good condition. There is also a tidy looking Vabis and also a rust bucket of a Vabis. Although i’m sure one of you would be able to bring it back to its former Scandinavian glory. Might need more than a lick of paint me thinks!!

Now there is a bargain to be had here. The 141 and the better Vabis are up for €11,500 each and the rusty project is up for €3,500. But and this is the big BUT, my Danish friend Mr Allan Bach says that if you are feeling particularly flush you can buy all 3 trucks for just €22,000! I think that would be a bargain. So if you are interested and not just another bloomin annoying tyre kicker you can email Allan, his email address is; allan-bach@mail.tele.dkin the mean time i’m off to check my lottery ticket!!
p.s. not sure why the 141 has a 2007 date on it.

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