Transam Trucking & Truckblog Rock

Another contributer hopefully signed up to Truckblog on the Move. The one and only Transam Trucking is now sporting the rare truckblog mark! Driver Mat Ireland is the named driver who doesn’t realise what he’s got himself into….sorry i mean is the lucky driver who is now part of the truckblog family. I’m hoping over the next few months we will get some interesting pics of this particular sticker enjoying its new rock n roll lifestyle!

Transam Trucking 2

I did actually hand Mat 2 stickers so you never know we might get another driver from Transam signed up aswell. Can you imagine, we might even get a passing pop/rock starlet passing the sticker while on tour……..In fact i’m not sure who the sticker is currently on tour with, Mat can you fill us in??
I was also quietly pleased that the sticker joins other famous stickers on the back doors of Mats trailer, Superfast Ferries and Minoan Lines, aswell as what i think is a PB Tank Cleaning sticker, yes another sad fact that i seem to know my truck stickers!!

Transam Trucking 1

If you drive the highways and byways of our Great Land or even Europe and beyond, email the blog and pledge your case and I may just send you a truckblog sticker too, if you have a worthy place for it that is. Below is an example of “Truckblog on The Move” on the back of an Astran trailer departing Kent for the Middle East. Also the same truck in the desert on it’s way. Unfortunately the rear view with the sticker in seemd to get lost in translation during the trip! Still you get the idea of “truckblog on the move”.

Off to Qatar
Some Where in Saudi.....

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