Special Polish MAN

No jokes please, we are all the same never mind where your from!! Last week i had the pleasure of loading 5 Polish tilts in the yard. I have to say that all 5 restored my faith in Polish drivers. They were all helpful, knew what they were doing and offered me beer! I have no idea what the standard of driving was like but at least the cargo was well lashed to the trailers before they left!! This truck in particular caught my eye. My Polish isn’t great I’ll be honest, but this looks to me like some sort of special edition. The paintwork, stickers and interior had all been jazzed up from your normal MAN and the stereo was some thing else, i had thought about taking it down to Southend seafront to show all the Corsa and Saxo drivers how to do it!! Does any one have any info about this possible special edition? any jokes?? email me at ben@truckblog.co.uk

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