Delamode International

I remember a few years ago in Braintree, this company started expanding rapidly with their own fleet of vehicles. I think they ended with 5 or 6 Iveco Eurostars all with matching stepframe garment trailers. Mainly running to Romania the trucks always appeared after a few weeks filthy dirty. As my dads warehouse was opposite and he had tractor units sat all day that were used on night trunk duties, Delamode used to borrow a unit for shunting duties, unless one of these Iveco’s were back. I often used to wander over to watch them being loaded and unloaded. The loading bay was on an old warehouse and not a proper bay at all there fore it wasn’t easy to get square enough to get the garment loading rail into the trailer, so one day at the age of 16ish i was challenged to get the truck on the bay. This was my effort, not great but it was square enough to get it loaded. Yes i was chuffed!!
I know i have never been much of a fan of Iveco, but these Eurostars did have the “Well Worked International Truck” look about them. They seemed to suit the TIR stepframes or the rental tilts (proper tilts Rich!).
Eastern European Express!! Indeed it does look like that. I know i never used to hear great stories about people working for Delamode or subbies pulling for them, but i used to love these trucks coming in, wondering where they had been and what they had been upto (glad i didnt know!) but they deffinatly had the old fashioned Romanace of the long distance lorry driver!! Nowadays as you’d expect all the trucks that come to Braintree are Romanian registered. I seem to remember Delamode having a lovley old Scania 143 that was only in town once a year, does any one have a picture? i seem to remember it being in a magazine once. Email me at;

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