Wilson’s 141 Back on The Road

So you have an important delivery to an important customers country home in darkest Sussex. You have an aging Scania 124 that is in need of some tlc or you have a show condition 141 that is always keen to leave the warmth of its shed to put a few more km’s on the clock, oh and you are the boss of said company, which vehicle do you opt for??
Its starts on a misty morning in Suffolk, fire up the trusty V8, wait for the customer to turn up in his Ford Cortina, load up the Yorkie Bars, on with the vests and fake tattoo’s, unwind the keep fit widows and off you go!! Sorry i got carried away there for a minute………………he drives a 3 series BMW.
As it was a bit of a one off trip i thought i better give it a bit of my time, so after checking where said truck was on the tracker, i decided to follow the old girl from the Dartford Bridge down to Junction 5 on the Highway Agencies camera’s, excellent use of government resources.
EGV 565T on The Road Again!
EGV 565T on The Road Again!
EGV 565T on The Road Again!
EGV 565T on The Road Again!
After the trundle round the M25 the delivery to Sussex lived up to the hype and provided an excellent back drop for a few photo’s just a pitty the sun didn’t break through.
Who messed up the gravel??
Surely the best classic working truck in Europe?? Can you prove other wise? email me, ben@truckblog.co.uk  just to prove he’s still got it the big boss man GW drove the old girl home with out the clutch as an original 30 year old pipe went on the way home, i bet you couldn’t do that in a new £120,000 R620! After the reload at Tilbury it was back to the yard. All in all i wish there were more classic trucks on the road like this, it may go some way to getting over not being able to drive them in anger back in the 1970’s (i was born in 1979!).

4 thoughts on “Wilson’s 141 Back on The Road

  1. nice to see a restored 141 out earning a quid or two . scania still proving its self over and over how many dafs / mans of this age could do the same … good on you all at h c wilsons for keeping such a great truck on the road long may she put a smile on many a scania fans mush …. steve


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