Cruising i80 Nevada, USA

Now the other day i was out for a drive, cruising down the i80 in Nevada…… After a few comments of previous pictures here are a few more Google Street View shots from the dusty highway. I think its fair to say the Volvo VN’s are becoming very popular in the states. You can understand why, as most drivers in the US openly admit that European trucks are better built and have better ride and finish, but they wont have them because they don’t have the long bonnet. But since Volvo solved that little problem and started building the VN series back in 2002, there has been no stopping them. I think i am right in saying they are now top of the sales charts for the US. Have a look at this little selection (of mainly Volvo’s).


Just look at the long long road with the backdrop of the Nevada desert, not quite the same as the M6 now is it! This Gold Freightliner makes for a nice but modern change, a popular truck with the fleets as i imagine its a little cheaper but still is a good truck for operators and drivers alike. Note the white wheels, definitely a fleet truck! Smart none the less.


These final 2 trucks are both Freightliner and Volvo, owned by Interstate Distribution Company based in Tacoma, Washington State. I think you’ll agree that both trucks look smart, but the Volvo is slightly better or is that just my European bias coming into play?? Just look at that scenery!


That’s about that for this one, but if you have any comments please leave them below or email me at; ……..Untill the next Interstate cruise…………..

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