Roving Reporter: The Pilot is Back – Fiat’s and Fuel

…………..and what a come back it is! More than 1 post’s worth of gumpf in one day and more to come.

How about this absolute beauty for starters! We all the Pilot has a fetish for things with out wings, with most of his hard earned cash going on wing-less toys (well the cash left after the wife has been at it no doubt!). After a recent flight to the Italian town of  Treviso, his plane needed a drink. Along comes this immaculate, brand new looking Fiat. I think its a Fiat 682 but I’ll wait to be corrected by you lot. As you can see the truck is clean as a whistle and has rather a neat bone on the front. This must relate to what the Roving Reporter was told by the operator, “She’s a good one, she gets  stuck in like the dog with the bone when running around the airport overweight.” Brilliant. I wonder what the mileage is and how old she is?? Get to it reporter, ask Ryan for another flight to Treviso.

Fiat 682 Fuel Tanker
Fiat 682 Fuel Tanker
Fiat 682 Fuel Tanker

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