Great Day at the IAA, Hanover

As a few of you may have remembered i went to the IAA show at Hanover yesterday. Great day. There is so much to see it’s incredible. I actually woke up this morning thinking i had walked a marathon yesterday! Hall after hall of Trucks, Buses, Vans, Trailers and parts, just amazing how much was there really. Of course the most popular stands were the Scania stand with the very impressive and beautiful R730 4×2 Topline, pretty stunning even though its just the power rating badge that was different to the R500 next to it, but no one was queueing to sit in that!! The MAN stand (Hall) was mobbed all day, but you had to know your German to understand why there were alot of people crowding round the stage listening to some Herbert with the microphone. There are loads of pictures and as you may have guessed a certain 12 ton truck features quite heavily so just skip through those! Click here for all 160 pictures.
Here are just a few pics to get you started, there will be plenty more to follow in the next few days and weeks.

IAA HANOVER 27.09.2010 029
IAA HANOVER 27.09.2010 040
IAA HANOVER 27.09.2010 045
IAA HANOVER 27.09.2010 003
IAA HANOVER 27.09.2010 094

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