Atego Road Trip

Once again the international Nick Garlick has been tramping around Europe for the last 2 weeks. I have to say he has clocked up an impressive list of delivery and collection points on this trip. He shiped out of Harwich on Sunday 19/09/10 and is now getting toward the end of his trip. Heres the route; Ship Harwich to Holland – 9 Deliveries & Collections Germany – Strasbourg (F) – Ulm (D) – Brenner Pass – Bologna (I) – Milan (I) – Turin (I) – Montpellier (F) – Carmarg (F) – Perpignan (F) – Zaragoza (E) – 2 x Valencia (E) – Seville (E) – Moncao (North Portugal) – Angers (F) – Ship Caen to Portsmouth – Home. A tough old job that European Driving lark!!
If you can beat Nick’s round trip then send me an email to; and tell me all about it.  The picture is the little Atego having a well earned wash, due to technical problems i haven’t been able to receive any other pictures as yet, hopefully some thing will work through the technological barrier!!

NLG Atego.jpg

3 thoughts on “Atego Road Trip

  1. Surely with such an great list of drops he must have a photo in a more exotic location than that truck wash! and all those kms without a V8, how did he cope?


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