Whats your Cargo Driver?

A year or so ago a driver I know spotted this unusual looking Ford Cargo parked up for the night at Southampton Docks. It looks like it was waiting for a trailer. I can’t see the tax or O’license in the pic but if you look at the 2nd photo there is a Ford Motor Company Volvo parked in front. They both have special number plates so must have a bit more of a  purpose than your average parts trucks. Does any one have any ideas on what this truck is used for and what market this unit is usually sold too? South America perhaps?? Email me at ben@truckblog.co.uk or leave a comment at the bottom.

Mystery Ford @ Southampton

Mystery Ford @ Southampton

3 thoughts on “Whats your Cargo Driver?

  1. Trailer companies also offer discounts to regular customers and don’t let them go to other companies. Customers can stick to reputed companies for guaranteed satisfaction and also safety of their goods. We keep used cargo trailers on our lot also.


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