SCOOP!! Mercedes Actros Giga-Space

This is a good one people, a very reliable source who works as an employee for Mercedes Benz some where in Europe slipped me the secret info. He is so worried he will get into trouble for leaking the new name, he didn’t even want me to say which country he is from! There is lots of chit chat about the new Mercedes truck range, but i have been told the new big cab will be called the “Giga-Space” instead of the current “Mega-Space”. The idea is that the new cab will have more space inside than DAF’s Super Space Cab. I wouldn’t surprised if the new Giga Space is inspired or even has some of the ideas from the SPACE MAX Concept truck you can see here, after all you can’t get much bigger than this!
Space Max-2.jpg

1 thought on “SCOOP!! Mercedes Actros Giga-Space

  1. Large, powerful and superior – that’s the impression created by the MegaSpace cab, an impression soon confirmed by a glance inside. With so much room to move around, this spacious living and working environment is ideal for long journeys and international long-distance haulage.

    Can’t wait to see the GIGA space !!! Home from home


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