Bedford to Qatar

Here is another old classic heading off for a new life in the Middle East. Wilsons collected this little thing and took it to Felixstowe for shipping out to Qatar. It seems there are a lot of old commercials heading out that way, so i quizzed the driver if he knew why it was going out to the M/E. This is the story; “Apparently some Sheik or another has a large picture on his wall of an oil well his family have owned for donkey’s years. He now wants to recreate a living version of the picture, so is buying up all the vehicles in the picture and shipping then out to the oil well.” So now you know! A great story and sounds perfectly plausable, but then again any thing seems plausable to when Oil Barons are involved. Great little truck though and its been around a bit. According to the paperwork it was fully rebuilt and restored in 1996 in Melbourne, Australia.

BEDFORD 1 TONNER 20.08.2010 002.jpg

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