Hotel on Wheels For Sale

Ever heard of Czech company Tomcar Servis?? No nor had I until I stumbled across a picture of this smart truck. After a touch of detective work it turns out its for sale. The price tag is €135,000. Sounds a lot i know, but it is a one off and the interior is rather good! If you are interested either visit the website or contact Blanka Kučerová, the company accountant at she is very helpfull and is keen to sell this truck, if i had the spare cash or a good reason i’d snap it up. Imagine would your mates at the Caravan Club would say!!!! Comes with all the usual stuff, flat screen tv’s, double bed, kitchen area, seating, area, shower, toilet and of course some where to park your car or plane while your on the move. You can always email me if your interested and i can pass on your details,

Before you truck off, why not leave a comment....

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