This is Amazing!!!

” So many questions! Most importantly the woman in the Clio was unharmed. Its just amazing, i guess with a wet road their may not be any tyre smoke. I don’t know what to say really, just amazing, i do think the Clio driver would have needed to change her pants when she got home though!!!

2 thoughts on “This is Amazing!!!

  1. I can’t believe the driver had no clue she was there. You have to be so careful around trucks.

    1. Trucking is a very dangerous profession, about 600 drivers a year die in highway accidents.

    2. Driving certain types of rigs like tankers and flatbeds is probably the most dangerous major occupations in the country.

    3. About 55% of all class 8 (semis) driver fatalities occur in rollover accidents.

    4. Another 10% occur in fuel oil fires.


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