Astran – Dick Snow

Some of you may know some of you may not, that my Uncles brother-in-law was Dick Snow of Astran / Middle East 70’s fame. He was among the first to go to the ME for Astran, his first trip was 13th December 1968. He went on to become a well known figure on the ME run during its peak period. Their are some great references to him in the books Cola Cowboys and Danger – Heavy Goods. I have regular contact these days with his widow, Cathy Snow she is my Uncles Sister, but  my uncle married my dad’s older sister, there fore Dick is no blood relation, shame!

Any way Cathy has been asked over the years by many journalists and writers for pictures and the like, so these days doent have much left, except her own private collection of photos and letters. She has been kind enough to give me a few photos and see some others. She has also been kind enough to give me a couple of his actual diaries, One being his first trip to Iran in 1968. They are great books to read as they are day by day accounts of what was happening. Also the diary is full of notes, phone numbers and names, they really are priceless and part of the ME history. I wanted to post a few of my favourite pictures on here but i would ask you all not to copy them, i never usually ask this of my pictures, so hopefully in this one case you’ll respect my decision.


4 thoughts on “Astran – Dick Snow

  1. Is this the same Scania wagon and drag that was parked idle in Doha, in the film DD?

    Wasn’t Dick Snow featured in the film, stuck in soft sand, when the film crew and trucks caught up and got him out? Despite them all departing the UK at the same time.


    • No not the same truck, i do have pictures of that one though, stuck on Tahir. As John Willy talks about in DD. Yes that was Dick stuck in the desert, supposedly the TV crew asked him to get stuck.


  2. they didn’t leave the UK at the same time…. Dick snow had past them on his way back to the UK loaded and overtook them on his way out as the filming was taking so long.


  3. The film crew did ask them to get stuck so they could film them digging themselves out, but the footage was never used as later on in the trip they got stuck for real and that was what we saw.


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