I always wondered what the rich people of Europe spend their money on, but now i know……… Green Houses. At least that’s the impression I get from Steve Marsh’s last few decent Europe trips. A few weeks back you will remember we were trying to find a farm in mid-Spain in El Mappo MAN and then more recently Marshy has been up in Norway delivering yet another fancy green house to Kristiansand. A trip to Norway is always exciting (I would imagine) and none more so than when you learn a new route to avoid going up and through Oslo. Many moons ago, I remember booking my first truck onto the Horten to Moss ferry and since then I stupidly assumed that was the only way to avoid the Norwegian capital. Wrong. Marshy used and told me of the Drobak to Drammen tunnels. Our friends from Norge do love a tunnel we know that, but have you ever driven the route? Some of you will use it regularly I’m sure. I guess it is probably a cheaper alternative to the ferry, but a few more miles round. Still always good to learn something new. Speaking of which where is that famous tunnel in Norway that you all stop at it the middle with a big layby and blue lights in the roof, know where i mean??

Once tipped in Norway it was empty back to Germany for a reload back to the UK. On the way down there was plenty to keep Marshy amused, not just the #littlebigcabclub member spotting, this 12t Atego from Romania was spotted at the ferry terminal in Helsinbourg, but also the Extra Dick Hamburgers the Danish sell for Saturday tea time. No that is not a spelling mistake. Crazy Danes!!

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