Truckstar Festival Weekend

It’s that weekend of the year where a lot of us truck nuts have made the pilgrimage to the Netherlands and up to the Truckstar Festival in Assen. This is now the 2nd year the show has had to be cancelled and I have to say I am getting withdrawal symptoms! I won’t miss trying to sleep in the 141 in the ridiculous heat we had back in 2019 but I miss the people, the buzz and of course some of the best trucks Europe has to offer.

The last weekend of July see’s around 2500 trucks descend on the TT race circuit at Assen and you will not find a crazier weekend within the truck show circuit. it’s such a shame the pandemic has now seen off two annual shows, so I just hope that by July 2022 we are able to head back and meet up with our international trucking family. There must be a load of new trucks that have come about since the 2019 show so that will be something to look forward too.

The good news is that although there is no main show to attend, just to pacify your hunger for too show trucks, you can watch the Mooiste Truck van Nederland live on the Facebook this evening. There are 24 of the best trucks in NL lined up and ready to be judged in their various categories live on the inter web this evening. Just imagine, get it up on the TV in your front room and give the family a real treat. Put some nutty euro-techno-trance music on and if you have a mate with wooden shoes and an accordion ask him to pop round. I hope that if I’ve done it right you can click the link and it’ll take you to the right page, if not search for it on Facebook;

CLICK HERE For Mooiste Truck van Nederland.

If that doesn’t take you straight in then click this one to go to the Truckstar Page: CLICK HERE

I’m at a 40th birthday this evening but I will be tuning in on the phone to have a sneaky leak and who will win the huge trophy. Happy trucking friends, enjoy your Saturday night and next year we’ll do the real thing, Yoooooo!!

Mooiste Truck van Nederland 2019

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