South America Calling….

I always love to hear from my bloggers, especially when you’re on your holibobs and thinking of me! A good pal is currently out and about in South America. As we all do, and you all know it, we all take at least one photo of a truck on our holiday travels, in this blog we are in Peru and Chile. Knowing this particular blogger we should see another couple of countries and what camion’s they have to offer;
“Hey Ben how are you doing. As you may of noticed on my Instagram: katterjokk. I’m traveling around South America at the moment. Volvo is truely king over here and there are loads of F10’s and F12’s and V1’s as well. We started in Cuba and have so far worked our way down to Chile. Here is a selection of trucks from Peru and Chile as we are in a port town at the moment. There’s loads of ex European trucks here and plenty of Scandinavians too. Enjoy the selection.

Off on holiday yourself? Feel free to email me your findings:

I do have another holiday blog to publish from a certain Simon Wilson, but I’ve waiting til now-ish to publish it, as a bit of a winter warmer!

Before you truck off, why not leave a comment....

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