Dick Snows Diary 02/02/1984

Thursday 02/02/1984

Sailed at 1900hrs Dover to Zeebrugge, enroute to Mosul & Baghdad.

Possibly get weekended in Austria?

Parked up: Gent, B.

Friday 03/02/1984

Arrived Zeebrugge 0100hrs. Parked at Gent until 0930hrs. Crossed into Germany at 1230hrs and break whilst doing paperwork. Very strong crosswinds all day. At junction of U61/U89 the autobahn was blocked for sometime by overturned trailer. At Brohltal temp was 2’C. Sleet at 1620hrs Mosel temp 1’C. 1630hrs 0’C. 1700hrs 2’C, rain and strong winds again. Not one of my good days. Possibly get weekended Germany / Austria.

Parked up: Hockenheimring, D.

Saturday 04/02/1984

Away at 0300hrs and drive to Greding, fill up with Diesel and park until 0800hrs. Checked wheel nuts. Passed Tony Soamesen at 1040hrs parked at Hochfellen. Into Austria and had two hours only to drive. Tacho packed up just before Liezen, where Tony and I parked for the weekend. Very Tired.

Parked up: Liezen, A.

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