TBHQ Donations

Hello Gang, sorry I’ve been away. Been getting over Christmas and through nearly dry January. A busy year this year I think truckers, lots to do, shows to get to, books to write etc etc and of course you lot to try and keep hooked. This year should see the birth of a new, larger TBHQ and Mrs Blog has already told me she will decorate it using all my truck gumpf as it will look far cooler if she does it! 

A good old boy by the name of Mr Darren Watts text me and said he’d found a couple of old toy trucks in a clear out and asked if I wanted them?? Is a bear catholic? Does the pope….. in the woods?? So the deal was done and I’ve re-homed the two National Band 3 Globetrotters. If much like the kind hearted Mr Watts, you have any old truck stuff that you don’t want to bin but don’t have space for then I can give it a loving home. Things like stickers, badges, models or anything to be honest, can be re-homed. I even got given a proper looking CMR with Russian stamps and numbers and the like, looks awesome on the wall. 

If you willing to donate to the good cause then contact me some how and we’ll get something sorted. Much love bloggers. 

Before you truck off, why not leave a comment....

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