Simple Swede

Another Truckstar Festival corker in the shape of Swedish registered Volvo. The new Volvo has long been a love it or hate truck for me. Out of all the new trucks on the road that need the plastics painting to make them look better I have to say the Volvo needs the extra paint more than most in my opinion. An FH with painted grill can look awesome and one of the best examples from Assen is this. Keeping with this years top truck fashion tip “Less is More” this big Swede was in my top 3 from this years Truckstar Festival. 

Taking a closer look the truck is painted from roof deflected down to the tyres in just two colours, a deep red and black. Painting the front end to disguise the plastics and also painting different parts in either colour really makes this truck stand out. I think I also like the debaged look. Everyone has different thoughts on the Volvo badge placement and whether you should stick to the old look or embrace the new badge position, so remove all badges and it solves the debate! Also it really keeps to “Less is More”. The other this that makes this one of the best I saw was the tag axle or as we are Dutch, the rear bogie lift! These Volvo’s are just perfect with the rear lift and I have to say one of my other favourite FH’s at the show was also tag axle. On the flip side there was a very similarly painted FH to this one but it was a midlift and for me it was no where near as attractive. 

Not sure what the interiour was like as the doors were shut when I took the photo above probably because of the rain that you can see falling. The Scandinavian style lights down each side and the orange ones on the front end we’re all set off by a proper police type light bar on the roof. Flashing in red and blue in the dark made the truck a real understated show stopper and it was interesting that it didn’t seem to get so much attention as some of the others parked in the show truck area. Cracking truck with Swedish style and perfection. Subtle, simple and stunning. 

4 thoughts on “Simple Swede

      • Nice, I only have one from inside at the moment ☺️

        Mvh Jimmy Rosenkvist VD

        Jimmy Rosenqvist Transport AB 0704833185 Bergtorp 4 56030 Tenhult

        Den 20 sep. 2017 11:38 AM skrev “” :

        > truckbloguk commented: “Jimmy great to hear from you, gorgeous truck! Yes > I’d love to see the interiour ” >


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