The Photos of David Wakefield

A photo book by Nick Ireland celebrating the amazing photo collection of truck spotter and Driver, David Wakefield. So many of these amazing photo collections that have captured the golden years of trucking must get chucked out in house clearances and big clear ups it doesn’t bear thinking about. If only I had had the time and patience to photograph everything I saw coming in and out of Braintree during the 1980’s I would have a fair photo collection myself! Thanks to Nick Ireland we can all enjoy some of the best photos taken by David Wakefield. Don’t just think it’s a pure photo album, it’s not. The author has done a lot of research into each of the photos included in the book. Researching the truck, the photo, the driver or what ever could still be found, it really is a little masterpiece of UK haulage companies as well as the comings and goings of Dover docks.   It’s pretty difficult for me to write too much about this one or perhaps I mean show too many photos and images to tempt you as that would just take away the enjoyment of sitting down with a cuppa and thumbing through the book. It’s so nice to see that finally there is a publisher in 5M Publishing the owners of Old Pond Publishing who have realised that there is a lot of interest and popularity in books about trucks and all of those who are and were involved in the industry that keeps everything moving. Congratulations to the publishers, Nick Ireland and David Wakefield for a thoroughly enjoyable book and hopefully what I’d like to the first in a couple of books perhaps. 

If you want to buy a copy of the book then please just click HERE

Alternatively go to the Old Pond website and have a look at everything by clicking HERE 

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