Foreign Lorry Accidents – The Facts & Figures


This blog isn’t written by Truckblog but I thought it was worth publishing;

The Number Of Foreign Lorry Accidents Increases On UK Motorways.  

A new report from the accident exchange has revealed that the number of foreign lorries involved in accidents on UK motorways has increased 14% when compared to figures from 2012. It also highlighted how Polish, German and Spanish HGVs are the most common nationalities caught in accidents, and that 1 out of every 3 foreign lorry collisions happen on motorways.

Polish lorries were found to be involved in the highest number of accidents, representing almost 16% of accidents, with German vehicles coming in second place with 13.1%. Spanish HGVs came third, being involved in nearly 8.5% of collisions.
It also revealed, although it may not come as a surprise to some, that the M25 saw the most foreign lorry accidents, followed by the M6 and M1. Accidents in city and town locations accounted for a third of incidents.
The figures state that there was almost 1,100 crashes taking place that involved foreign lorries on the motorway network of the UK during 2014, marking an increase of 14.3% when compared to 2012. Looking at all road types in the country, estimates suggest foreign lorry incidents stood at 3,100 over the course of the year, which equates to nearly 9 per day.
Although motorways are normally deemed to be one of the safest types of roads to travel on in the country by car, the stats show that a third of foreign lorry collisions in 2014 occurred here. Normally, there are just 4.3% of accidents that happen on motorways in the United Kingdom.

Accident Exchange was responsible for handling 110,000 accidents and incidents between 2012 and 2014. From this experience, they were able to record the statistics that the number of lorries involved in accidents on motorway was growing.

The Director of Sales Development at Accident Exchange, Liz Fisher, said: “This worrying statistic shows that a collision with a foreign lorry is an increasingly real possibility. A heavy goods vehicle in unfamiliar territory can be a danger. Common types of accidents that might involve trucks are cars getting caught in the blind spot of a lorry that is changing lanes or cars being rear-ended by a much bigger, heavier vehicle.”

There are a variety of reasons for foreign lorries being involved in a higher number of accidents on UK motorways, with the most obvious being that the rules of the road are different to other EU countries. There are also some differences in the visual requirements for HGV drivers in other countries when compared to the standards required in the UK.


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