Making Hay

If your a Facebooker then there’s a good chance you’ve seen the project being undertaken by all at Phillip Judge International. The above Scania R620 is being fully converted to flat bed wagon and drag for carrying straw bales, tractors or what ever else you can carry on a flat bed (that’s quite a lot). The driver will be the one and only Will Pringle, yes he of other notable custom truck fame. As you can see the truck started life as a hydraulic loader and was bought from well known Dutch truck dealer VSB Groep

Over to Mr Pringle to tell us all we need to know;

“VSB stripped and fitted the new facelift grill and it had been to Steves Place (truck customiser in Holland) for the fitment of the changeover valve and pipe work also side pipe. Then James Burrow did the fitting of streamline corners additional lighting headboard roof rack and ladders,also rear bumper! The body was made by Euro Axles at Stoke on Trent. The chassis was extended by Northwest Commercials at Preston. The full paintwork was done by Ian Bone & sons and of course the airbrush work was done by Matt the painter. All the electrics done by Kev Larkin. Once finished at Bones’ it is going Coles Customs for full interior rebuild and the fabrication of lockers, tank wraps and various other little tweaks.”

What a change from how she started life back in 2008, a different country and a different way of life by all accounts; 

“Yeah I know, it’s originally from Norway and I think it was a fridge motor. VSB had just finished putting the cable lift side skirts bulbar and everything on it when we went to look at it in Holland.”

The truck is nearing completion and does now look close to what the finished show ready article will look like. Knowing a little bit about Will in sure he’ll be doing all he can get all the little touches done to the truck that will make it a cut above most of the rest. I look forward to seeing it when it comes out if the Coles Customs workshop. I will do another update as and when it appears and before it hits the road to claw back some of the cost of creating such an awesome working truck. 

p.s. The 3 series sun visor is a perfect match to the High Line cab. 

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