Wilson Wednesday & The Super Subs


We’ll start with a real belter from husband and wife team, Mr & Mrs Ramm. Loaded here with a Sugarbeet harvester from Germany. To move a truck with loaded with a harvester measuring 14.00 metres long, 3.30 metres wide and 4.00metres high and weighing 26 tons, takes some specialist equipment, permits and a lot of know how, especially with Europe’s 4 metre height limit, N5 HCW is an 8×4 Scania tractor unit with a 580hp V8 engine hitched up to a wafer bed low loader and a Dave Ramm in the hot seat, perfect.



Not all container jobs are are as simple as opening the rear doors of a metal box. Ian “Slim” Godfrey in Aberdeen this morning with an over height open top container. Slim is driving a Scania this week……yes he is!


Driver Gareth Rowlands seen here on a local drop with a little sweeper imported from the continent. Gareth’s big new V8, N6 HCW, looks awesome no matter what the load, or is it just me??!


Sister truck to the Gareth’s N6 is Geordie’s truck N7 HCW. Loaded with tower crane parts down near Bristol. As you can imagine building a tower crane requires lots of parts and lots of loads. N7 was one of many unloading today to get the crane built. Below we also have Jon Pryke unloading crane parts in X300 HCW.



Office waller, or not, James Cartwright was also on the crane job today in old faithful N200 HCW. Also the last contribution on the crane site is the first super sub of the day, one of Hewicks Haulage Scania’s with another piece of the tower.



Driver Little Terry Alderton and his Scania R480 loaded with some kind of hard-arsed looking machine loaded from deep in Southern Germany up to Warwick. Are all of HC Wilson’s loads colour coded??


Here we have a photo sent by driver Gladys of 3 Wilson trucks and another super sub in the form of a Tasker truck driven by Colin Waters. All 4 are heading down through France to Marseille having loaded in England.

Another Tasker truck is super sub number 3. This one driven by Mike Tasker himself. Another crane part loaded from Germany and also heading for Avonmouth.


Finally we have the last super sub off the bench for Wilson’s, a well known truck here on the blog, the one and only Steve Marsh Express! HC Wilson can cover any type of job including hot shot packing crates to Stoke on Trent. All 3 subbies are tried and tested and very reliable which is a must to keep the professionalism of Wilsons reputation on the right track and keeping those bloomin customers happy! Thanks to all drivers for this weeks photos.


1 thought on “Wilson Wednesday & The Super Subs

  1. Hey Guys,
    These trucks look beautiful. I just want to go out and get one for myself haha. Great to see everyone enjoying themselves. I especially liked the little road sweeper, it looks so belittled on the back of that new V8, N6 HCW


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