And now the important bit…….


Over to Sophie Baker-Britton to tell you all about it;

Hi There,
We at Walker Movements hope you’re having a great week and have managed to catch some of the summer sun before it all goes downhill and the rain begins to pour yet again!

Below, you’ll see an infographic we’ve been working on all about the life of a lorry driver, broken down by numbers. As we researched, we began to realise that if you’re not a trucker, you can’t really begin to understand how tough life on the road can be, particularly when it comes to looking after our health!

We discovered that a whopping 78% of lorry drivers aren’t getting their 5 a day, and that 28% of lorry drivers are obese or morbidly obese, which isn’t that hard to comprehend given that we spend an average of 1,040 hours a year on the road.

Given our findings, we wanted to share these with you and offer a couple of tips for remaining safe and healthy on the road.

1) Avoid the trucker cafes! Okay, nip in for a coffee when needed – but when it comes to those fry ups and other greasy treats, try to avoid them at all costs. Keep a few healthy non-perishable snacks such as dried fruit and almonds in your wagon to avoid stopping off for a snickers!

2) Use your resting time wisely! You need a good sleep that’s for sure, but try to work in a little exercise too. A walk around the area you’ve stopped at (provided it’s safe to do so) to stretch out those legs will not only give you time out of the cab, it will also help to keep the waistline in check.

It may be tough on the road at times, but let’s face it, would we rather be cooped up in an office all day?!

Have a great week all and enjoy this infographic from the guys at Walker Movements.

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