Astran Tekno Model Update


You may or may not be a model truck collector but if you are then you probably know that Middle East Trucking legends Astran Cargo have slowly been releasing very limited edition 1/50 scale Tekno models of some of their more iconic trucks. So far the releases have been a Scania 111 and a Scania 143 Streamline, both artics pulling tilt trailers. The next to be released in the series is a Scania 110 drawbar again being manufactured by Tekno the Dutch model experts. This latest 500 piece special edition was due for release at the end of last year, then again it was due in January, but as yet nothing. Well that was until today, if you have been lucky enough to be one of the 500 names on the list then you have probably already received the following information on email. This was the update from Astran today;

To all supporters and collectors of Astran/Tekno 1:50 scale models.

“We have just received information from Tekno in Holland that upon final examination of the Scania 140 Drawbar, they have rejected the entire batch fresh in from China on the grounds that the quality is not acceptable.

We at Astran share your frustration, having waited such a long time for this new model. It is to Tekno’s credit that their standards are so high that they have taken this dramatic move. Most companies would have taken the easy option. I also have to add that I agree with their decision, having seen the first model off the line.

We will continue to keep the waiting list on file and will advise you when we have further information from Tekno. We understand this re-manufacturing process could take a long time, and at present Tekno are not prepared to say just how long it will be.

Thank you for your patience and support.”


I’m sure we are all happy to be patient for such a wanted model and I’m sure Tekno must feel incredibly embarrassed about the situation. As far as I’m concerned, as long as it is still going to be produced then waiting is not a problem as long as the final standard is as good as we’ve all come to expect from Tekno.

Astran have told me that the current list of 500 models is full and even the waiting list is growing (over 50 names so far!). If you still want to add yourself to the waiting list please contact Astran directly. You can email If your on the waiting list you will be pretty lucky to get a model. If your already one of the 500 lucky people but can no longer be one of the lucky, please contact Astran to let them you are no longer able to purchase one of the models then at least some one on the waiting list might get one.

So that’s the update, please be patient it will be worth the wait!! You can contact Astran direct or myself and I will pass your message on.


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