Swedish Greenery


You have to admit that is a handsome looking Volvo, in my opinion still better looking than its new younger brother. This particular FH13 is piloted by one Phillip Westaby. A big fan of Twitter Mr Westaby joined the TB twitter feed and has since shared some tweets and a wicked little video, which is perfect for those us who don’t get out and about to much these days. Recorded by a windscreen mounted camera, sit back and enjoy 13 minutes of good music and some continental trucking. Do you want to follow Phillip on twitter?…….then click HERE.

Phillip’s twitter account, sums him up in one sentence: “I’m a happy lorry driver from Yorkshire who wanders around UK and Europe in my Volvo, getting married in march 2014!” Driving for Johnsons of Whixley on nursery duties, Phil gets abroad quite a bit, collecting and delivering greenery to and from the Continent. In the meantime he’s busy making us quality videos and sharing his thoughts on twitter. I’m already looking forward to the next video, even though Phil says he’s not much good, the video below is well edited and has some great tracks to listen too, including the ringtone on my mobile phone!!. Good work Mr Westaby, the sticker will be in the post as soon as the next batch arrive!!


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